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Our offerings are diverse, but they all have an element of adventure, mystery, and humor–plus a touch of class.

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Coming Soon……Wolf Pack Moon: A New Novel

It’s 1943. After 13 years away from his North Florida hometown, Richard Ward returns to rebuild his life and finds that past relationships die hard when he tries to prove his innocence in the death of a young sailor.


Downeast Ledge was broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chapter A Day,  May  4-22, 2015.

Downeast Ledge: A Novel

Amber Waits has lived all of her 23 years in the quiet coastal community of Ashton, Maine. When she takes a job as caregiver to a summer resident–dementia sufferer Walter Sterling–she finds herself drawn into the unraveling lives of his secretive wife Geneva and their reckless daughter Karen, and she has to muster her courage and resourcefulness to save her friends and herself from disaster.

“You’ll be rooting for Gilliland’s well-drawn cast despite all their human flaws–or perhaps because of them. A rewarding, touching read.”

–Kelly Harms, author of The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane and The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay.

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