After the Fact Mysteries, Volume 2

After the Fact Mysteries 2 cover

After the Fact Mysteries 2

     For some reason, Mark Armstrong and Dana Sinclair kept running across crime scenes, and now that Dana has gone off to pursue her first love, her sister Ramona is roving the globe with Mark and the brushes with skullduggery continue.

     As they discuss each crime, weighing the evidence, the clues they pick up and discard point you to the solution to the case.

     But watch out for those false leads!

     Sometimes the solution requires a nugget of background information, as in “Love Lies in the East.” Sometimes you’ll need to spot an inconsistency, as in “The Inventor Makes His Mark.”

     As you travel to Boston, London, Bar Harbor, Beijing, Stockholm, New York, and the Northwoods of Wisconsin, you could have worse companions than Mark and Ramona. She aspires to culture and commitments; he thrives on chaos and beer. And yet, beneath the sparring, they’re strangely compatible.

     By the end of “The Lady Takes Liberties,” you’ll find out who’s the better crime solver.

     But then, maybe you can come up with the solutions before they do.  Time will tell.

     See you at the scene of the crime, after the fact….

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