Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of August 1, 2020

8/1/2020Frontier GentlemanKendall Robs Jesse James7/27/19588/1/2020My Favorite HusbandThe Portrait Artist8/6/19488/1/2020Dr. KildareMr. Kramer, Nurse Parker, Lead Poison8/2/19508/1/2020Voyage of the Scarlet QueenThe Lily in the Chimoplo Bar7/31/19478/1/2020Sam SpadeSam and Psyche8/3/19468/1/2020Weird CircleThe House and the Brain8/5/1943 Before he was radio’s Paladin, John Dehner was … Continue reading

Skywave Audio Theater — Week of July 25, 2020

July 25, 2020 7/25/2020Frontier GentlemanJesse James Robs Kendall7/20/19587/25/2020Halls of IvyThe Education of Annie Bell7/21/19507/25/2020Richard DiamondThe Richard Hyer Case7/23/19497/25/2020Screen Diredtor’s PlayhouseSaigon7/29/19497/25/2020NightbeatThe Devil’s Bible7/24/19507/25/2020Crime ClassicsThe Death of a Picture Hanger7/20/1953 An Englishman’s Travels Through the Frontier West Frontier Gentleman “Jesse James Robs … Continue reading

Skywave Audio Theater –Week of July 18, 2020

Cast of Gunsmoke

7/18/2020GunsmokeThe Boughten Bride7/12/19527/18/2020Our Miss BrooksFirst Day7/19/19487/18/2020Let George Do ItEleven O’Clock7/17/19507/18/2020CBS Radio WorkshopThe Green Hills of Earth7/21/19577/18/2020Boston BlackieRandolph Construction Gang 7/15/19477/18/2020The ShadowAboard the Steamship Amazon7/17/1938 Howard McNear (Doc), William Conrad (Matt), Georgia Ellis (Kitty), and Parley Baer (Chester) Gunsmoke “The Boughten Bride” … Continue reading