Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of September 23, 2023

The Six Shooter “The Coward” 9/27/1953
Duffy’s Tavern “with Gene Tierney” 9/22/1944
Information Please “with Basil Rathbone” 9/27/1938
Dragnet “Brickbat Slayer” 9/24/1949
Rocky Jordan “Memento from Adelaide” 9/22/1949
The Weird Circle “The Bell Tower” 9/24/1944
A worried wife knows that her husband isn’t a coward. Does he have to prove it?
The Six Shooter “The Coward” September 27, 1953
Can flm star Gene Tierney bring some glamor to Duffy’s Tavern?
Duffy’s Tavern “with Gene Tierney” September 22, 1944
Clifton Fadiman asks the questions, but some of the best answwers are wrong!
Information Please “with Basil Rathbone” September 27, 1938
Jack Webb is Joe Friday in Dragnet.
Dragnet “Brickbat Slayer” September 24, 1949
Just around the corner is Cairo’s Cafe Tambourin and a strange bequest for Rocky Jordan.
Rocky Jordan “Memento from Adelaide” September 22, 1949
How tall can the bell tower go–and what force will be necessary to raise it?
The Weird Circle “The Bell Tower” September 24, 1944

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