Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of October 14, 2023

Gunsmoke “Lochinvar” 10/17/1952Fibber McGee and Molly “The McGee Amateur Hour” 10/14/1935Barrie Craig “The Judge and the Champ” 10/17/1951The Lives of Harry Lime “Golden Fleece” 10/12/1951Escape “The Sure Thing” 10/15/1949The Haunting Hour “The Cat Man” 10/13/1945 It’s a triangle and one … Continue reading

Skywave Audio theater for the Week of May 20, 2023

Frank Merriwell “The Mystery of the Iron Door” 5/22/1948Our Miss Brooks “Peanuts the Great Dane” 5/22/1949The FBI in Peace and War “The Schemers” 5/25/1955Lives of Harry Lime “Murder on the Riviera” 5/23/1952Suspense “Sorry, Wrong Number” 5/25/1943The Sealed Book “Welcome Home” … Continue reading