Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of September 16, 2023

Fort Laramie “The Payroll” 9/16/1956Jack Benny “Jack is Back from His Venice Vacation” 9/13/1953Dr. Kildare “Marion Lewis, Teenage Alcoholic” 9/14/1950Sam Spade “The Hot Hundred Grand Caper” 9/19/1948Escape “The Abominable Snowman” 9/13/1953Inneer Sanctum “Terror By Night” 9/18/1945 The payroll is long … Continue reading

Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of July 15, 2023

Screen Directors Playhouse “Yellow Sky” 7/15/1949Bright Star “Hillsdale Becomes Mumdad” 1952Calling All Cars “The Human Claw” 7/16/1935Sam Spade “The Wheel of Life Caper” 7/11/1948The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen “The Spaniard and the Laskar Pirates” 7/17/1949Mercury Summer Theater “The Search … Continue reading