Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of October 28, 2023

Happy Halloween! Challenge of the Yukon “The Samaritan of the Trail” 10/25/1948Jimmy Durante “Making a Movie with Lucille Ball” 10/29/1947CBS Radio Workshop “When the Mountain Fell” 10/26/1956Boston Blackie “Granny’s Witchcraft” 10/29/1946Inneer Sanctum “Till Death Do Us Part” 10/27/1947Nightfull “Ringing the … Continue reading

Skywave Audio Theater for the Week of February 12, 2022

2/12/2022The Adventures of SupermanThe Baby from Krypton & Clark Kent, Reporter2/12/19402/12/2022Jimmy DuranteJimmy’s Birthday Party2/11/19482/12/2022The Adventures of Frank RaceThe Black Friar’s Bridge2/12/19502/12/2022EscapeAncient Sorceries2/15/19482/12/2022Dark FantasyW is for Werewolf2/13/19422/12/2022X-Minus OneSkulking Permit2/15/19562/12/2022After the Fact MysteriesA Killing in Oils The cover of Superman #6 (Sept. … Continue reading